Hermes 37

Knowledge communication

Peter Kastberg
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Editor's Preface
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Constance Kampf:
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Towards a theoretical basis for
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operationalizing knowledge communication
Dale Sullivan:
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Mediating Controversial Technology:
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The case of Monsanto's Attempt to Introduce
Genetically Modified Wheat in North Dakota
Kirk St. Amant:
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Globalizing Rhetoric: Using Rhetorical Concepts
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to Identify and Analyze Cultural Expectations
(Specialized Knowledge) Related to Genres
Susanne Göpferich:
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How Successful is the Mediation of Specialized Knowledge?
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- The Use of Thinking-aloud Protocols and Log Files of
Reverbalization Processes as a Method in Comprehensibility Research
Other Articles
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Henning Bergenholtz & Mia Johnsen:
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Language Policy and Communication Policy
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- Same Same but Different?
Claudia Giehl:
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Optimizing and Translating LSP Texts
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Sprachkultur, Lexikographie und Wörterbuchbenutzung.
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Bemerkungen zu: Jürgen Scharnhorst (Hrsg.): Sprachkultur und Lexikographie.
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Von der Forschung zur Nutzung von Wörterbüchern.
Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang, 2004 (Henning Bergenholtz)
Irmhild Barz/Henning Bergenholtz/Jarmo Korhonen (Hg.):
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Schreiben, Verstehen, Übersetzen, Lernen. Zu ein- und
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zweisprachigen Wörterbüchern mit Deutsch.
Frankfurt a.M. etc.: Peter Lang (Ken Farø)
Henri Béjoint, François Maniez (eds.):
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De la mesure dans les termes.
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Lyon: Presses Universitaires de Lyon, 2005
(Patrick Leroyer, Susanne Lervad, Kirsten Wølch Rasmussen)
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